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          Breast Augmentation Pre-Op Checklist

          It's a good idea to do a little shopping and some preparation before your breast implants surgery. This way you can have everything you need for your recovery in advance — and avoid any last-minute fire drills.

          Shopping List

          Here's a comprehensive list of what you should have on hand before your surgery:

          Prescription medications, vitamins and dressings. Ask your surgeon about over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills if you think you may experience difficulty sleeping after your surgery.

          Digital thermometer. You will need this to monitor your temperature after your breast augmentation. A high fever may be a sign of infection. Your surgeon should discuss other signs of infection with you before your surgery.

          Books and/or magazines. Buy those best-sellers you've been meaning to read or stock up on your favorite magazines. You also might consider joining Netflix or renting movies to keep you busy while you are recuperating.

          Journal or lap-top computer. Document your thoughts and feelings during your recovery.

          Ice packs. Ice packs or bags of frozen peas, raspberries or blueberries will be necessary for postoperative icing.

          Heating pad, hot water bottle or microwaveable pack. These will help alleviate back pain from sleeping in an elevated position for so long.

          Wet wipes and make-up removal pads. These will help you freshen up in the initial postoperative period, when you can't shower or bathe.

          Recovery foods. You will be happy you thought ahead to buy soup, protein shakes, healthy frozen dinners, pudding, Jell-O and other recovery foods. Consider cooking your own meals and freezing them. 

          Recovery clothes. Oversized shirts that open from the front, along with comfy sweat pants or pajama bottoms. A robe and slippers or several pairs of thick socks.

          Hand mirror. You will want a mirror within reach to monitor your progress.

          Pony-tail holders. These will help keep your hair off of your face if you have long locks.

          Pre-surgery Tasks

          Make sure to take care of the following tasks in advance of your surgery:

          • Prepare a list of email addresses so you can easily communicate with your friends and family members and fill them in on your progress.
          • Make a "to-do" list for your caretaker. This may include errands, thermostat settings and bills to be paid.
          • Arrange to have a surrogate caregiver watch your small children for the first few days after your breast augmentation.
          • Create the ideal recovery environment by making up your recovery bed with plenty of fluffy pillows, or a pillow wedge.
          • Keep extra blankets on hand.
          • Place the following on your nightstand or within reach:
            • moisturizer
            • lip balm
            • baby wipes
            • medications
            • lamp
            • bottled water
            • crackers (in case of nausea)
            • TV or DVD remote control (with new batteries)
            • telephone (fully charged if a cordless or cellular phone)
            • reading material
            • iPod or other electronic entertainment unit
            • back-up flash light
          • Have a nightlight or two directing you to the restroom.

          In addition, because you may be feeling nervous or excited — or maybe some combination of both — unwind by taking a relaxing bath, using anti-microbial or anti-bacterial soap as per your surgeons instructions, and wash your hair. Also remove any fingernail and toenail polish. Do anything else you can to make sure you are relaxed the night before your breast augmentation surgery. Good luck!

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