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          6 Things that May Be Sabotaging Your Breast Augmentation Results

          • 6 Things Sabotaging Your Implant Results

            You finally did it. After years of complaining about your breast size and doing anything you could to make them look bigger, you opted for breast augmentation with implants. It's a significant investment so it's important that you do everything you can to maximize your cosmetic results. This starts with avoiding these 6 simple saboteurs:

          • Saboteur No. 1: Your Bra

            Implant Saboteur - Your Bra

            Forget what you think you know about your cup and band size. Treat yourself to a formal measurement (they're free at Victoria's Secret). The right bra with the right shape and support will really show off your new breasts. If your bra doesn't fit properly, your breasts will sag and you may even end up with back and shoulder pain from the lack of support.

          • Saboteur No. 2: Your Posture

            Implant Saboteur - Your Posture

            Your breasts are finally perky, but if you hunch or slouch, no one will notice. Good upright posture, with your shoulders in a straight line and stomach pulled in, will show your new breasts in the best possible light.

          • Saboteur No. 3: Your Smoking Habits

            Implant Saboteur - Your Smoking Habits

            You were a non-smoker for a good six weeks before your surgery, but one drag at a party and now you are back to your old ways. Smoking is linked to a host of health problems and is known to increase risk of surgical complications with breast augmentation, resulting in less-than-ideal healing.

          • Saboteur No. 4: Your Unused Anti-scar Product

            Implant Saboteur - Your Unused Anti-scar Product

            Depending on what type of incision pattern you choose for your breast augmentation surgery, you may have some scars. If you're lucky, they will be barely noticeable, but some women do develop raised, red and unattractive scar tissue. Being diligent with your scar treatment is the key. Use anti-scar medication as directed for as long as directed for best results.

          • Saboteur No. 5: Your Sense of Style

            Implant Saboteur - Your Sense of Style

            “If you've got it, flaunt it"... and now you've got it. It's time to refresh your wardrobe and choose tops and outfits that show off your new physique, instead of clothing that distracts from or hides your breasts. It's a whole new way of thinking and shopping.

          • Saboteur No. 6: Not Following Doctor's Orders

            Implant Saboteur - Not Following Doctor's Orders

            Your surgeon likely gave you an extensive list of dos and don'ts to follow after your breast implant surgery. Following these instructions carefully — including how to sleep, when to shower, and when to call the doctor — can maximize your cosmetic outcome.

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